The Loup Garou

The Loup Garou


A Legend from the days when all of Michigan was part of New France. Once upon a time long, before the English came to take Michigan from the French there were many people living along the waterways that are made up of the Ste. Claire River, Lake St Clair, and the Detroit River. One of these was a farmer or Habitant as the French called them, named Louis. He lived by the shores of this waterway. After the untimely death of his wife by fever, he was left to raise his daughter. Little Angelique was a lively little girl and as the years passed she grew into a beautiful French woman. At the cornhusking parties and weekend dances she fascinated all the young men with the magic of her dark eyes and her raven tresses.

Soon she and a trapper named Joseph were in love and her father gave his consent for them to marry. One evening while strolling near her house the two lovers looked up and saw a monster. This apparition had a wolf’s head and a gigantic tail. It was walking erect just like a human being and it was wearing a man’s great coat. Screaming Angelique ran to her father’s cabin and Joseph followed her. As they came near to the house, Louis came out with a lantern, and the animal fled into the wood.

Listening to Angelique and Joseph describe the creature, Louis recognized the dreaded Loup Garou. He knew that the Loup Garou or wehr-wolf was a danger to all. Many times children were stolen and never seen again. All knew that “it boded no good to anyone whose path the Loup Garou crossed”.

Louis kept Angelique close to home until her wedding. On a fine day in the spring her wedding day came. Early that morning, while the preparations were underway, she strayed into the woods picking flowers. There she saw the Loup Garou again. This time he had a hat and cane as well as a coat.

He boldly smiled at her and tipped his hat. Angelique fled to her house shouting an alarm but the Loup Joseph knew now that the Loup Garou meant harm to both Angelique and himself. He knew that only silver could harm a Loup Garou. He melted down a silver goblet and made a silver bullet for his hunting gun. He laid a trap for the Loup Garou which he was sure would return for the wedding. Soon the guests arrived for the wedding and Angelique and Joseph were joined together by the Priest.

The celebration party started soon after this. When the merry making was at its height, the dreaded Loup Garou suddenly sprang into the midst of the people and tried to harm Angelique. Joseph had his gun ready and fired at the Loup Garou cutting off its tail. The Loup Garou then escaped into the forest!

Joseph chased after the Lou Garou after reloading his gun. Others followed but the trail ended by the shores of a gigantic swamp. The Loup Garou would return in later years to frighten the people, but it never returned while Joseph and Angelique lived. His tail is still kept as a treasure by their descendants.